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Shop Front Damage and Vandalism

It can be a large setback to your burnaby trade business when somebody decides it’s a good idea to damage the front of your shop, be it by throwing something at it, kicking it or hitting it with something. The usual scenario is a broken window or door, and a number of stolen products or damaged stock. While undeniably frustrating, and limiting your business for at least a few days, it also raises questions about security and can knock your confidence as a business owner.

Luckily, there are numerous options for buying cars at auctions, for you to look at if you wish to deter criminals from causing any damage. CCTV cameras being the primary choice due to the ability to see exactly what has happened and who did it. One other common security measure you see on the majority shops nowadays is a shutter – a large metal screen that rolls down to cover your whole shop front. These tend to be corrugated and very difficult to damage, protecting your shop thoroughly.

For situations when you don’t have these shutters or CCTV cameras installed – understandably not all businesses can afford them – it is best to make sure that you have thorough commercial insurance that provides you with cover for shop front damage. This way if damage is done with no proof as to who has done it – providing it wasn’t caused by yourself – then the likelihood is that your insurance will sort the damages out for you. Just make sure that you confirm with your insurer that you have the necessary cover in place.

Unfortunately if neither of the above are options for you as a business owner, it’s a case of hoping the offender gets caught, the damage is light, or that you can afford the repairs – otherwise it’ll be a lesson learned the hard way. Realistically though as a business owner it would help you in the long run financially if you set up your insurance and security properly to deter any to-be criminals before any problem arises, you won’t need to be too concerned on what those steel shutters can put up with.

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